Our Jewish Roots Made with Xara Promise Unlimited  P.O. Box 42195  Austin, TX #99     #100     #101  God’s Appointed Times Wilma Anders helps us to understand the significance of the biblical feasts for today. These are “God’s Appointed Times” to be with His people in a special way. #65 Israel and Our Jewish Roots Linda Smith is a Baptist who has fallen in love with Israel and now leads tours there every year. Linda knows God’s heart for His land and His chosen people. She recognizes that the roots of her own faith reach deep into this land and this people. #116 David Rubin David is passionate for the biblical heartland given by covenant of God to the Jewish people. He was born in the U.S. but now makes his home in Shiloh, Israel. Many people of Shiloh have been victims of terrorist attacks, including David and his son. #108 Hanukkah Wilma Anders reminds us that Jesus celebrated this holiday and encourages us that this is a very Christian thing to do.  She teaches about the history  of Hanakkah and its significance to us as believers.