Other Ministries Made with Xara Promise Unlimited  P.O. Box 42195  Austin, TX #87 Faded Blue Jeans Jim and Lois Smith have faithfully served God for many years with special emphasis on outreach to people in prison. Jim tells how God gave him the name Faded Blue Jeans. #77 Austin Healing Room Director of Austin Healing Rooms Peter von Wupperfeld has exciting news about the progress and success at the AHR. He also talks about projected plans. #86 Christian Business Network Cathy Buettner has a heart to see Christians in the marketplace and business world. She has established an organization for Christians to network and support each other. #89 Dominican Missionary and Preaching Team Sister Helen Raycraft and Fr. Ralph Rogawski have spread the Gospel and preached to the poor for many years. You will enjoy their sweet and humble spirits and learning of their unusual and powerful ministry. #106 Unceasing Prayer Initiative Trey and Mary Anne Treat strongly believe in the power of prayer and this interview tells of an initiative they are leading to cover their city in prayer 24/7.