Teaching Ministries Promise Unlimited  P.O. Box 42195  Austin, TX #81 The Hidden Power of Prayer and Fasting Jeanne and Snow look at some strong teaching by Mahesh Chavda on the subject of fasting. Mahesh has a phenomenal record of experience in fasting. #98 The Gates Message John Carlson D.C. teaches that there are different “gates” by which people may enter into a relationship with the living Christ. The names of these gates are based on the birth statements of the mothers of the 12 sons (tribes) of Israel. #8 Psalm 91 Jeanne and Snow examine the truths and covenant promises of Ps.91.  They have featured looking at the “God side” of the psalm which encourages focusing on His answer rather than the problem.  They also share material from Christian books that relate to the topic. Made with Xara