Testimonies Made with Xara Promise Unlimited  P.O. Box 42195  Austin, TX #84 Brian Ostrander Brian has a powerful and refreshing testimony of putting God to the test. He simply takes God at His word and acts on it.   #118 Blessings Unending Marcy Cornell has always loved the Lord and wanted to serve Him. Recently, at age 85, she has embarked on a new aspect of that service.   #14 Lovera Curtis Lovera has a heart of love for God and people and is a mother figure to many. She has been led to be in a number of outreaches and now lives at the International house of Prayer in Kansas City, Mo.   #39 Cheryl Selby From a drug-filled lifestyle, to jail, to a powerful ministry to others with a similar background- Cheryl has a fascinating story to tell.   #71 Wendy’s Story Wendy Dietrich has a special love for Psalm 40 because she says God brought her “from the pit” to the place she now has in Him. Wendy is now a mature believer, worshiper, and teacher.